Luke Galloway Empowers & Strengthens CorePhysio’s Personal Training Clients

Luke Galloway is the lead personal trainer at CorePhysio, an exceptional physical therapy clinic that’s passionate about supporting clients through their initial recovery, as well as preparing them for long-term success as healthy and active individuals. And that’s right where Galloway comes in.  Galloway is originally from Flagstaff, Arizona, the “Bellingham of Arizona.” Growing up, he […]

Improving Mobility and Strength Can Help You Better Manage Your Arthritis

Arthritis is a common ailment that can drastically impact your quality of life and affect you at any age. Individuals who focus on improving their range of motion and follow a strength training plan can significantly minimize arthritis symptoms.  Individuals suffering from arthritis often tend to avoid certain movements to prevent triggering their pain. Unfortunately, this […]

Holidays an Ideal Time for a Refresher on Proper Lifting

Digging out boxes of holiday decorations, hauling packages to and from the car, hiding gifts away on the higher shelves at the back of your closet … the Holiday Season certainly requires its fair share of bending, lifting and reaching. This, coupled with the cooler weather, makes December the ideal time for a refresher on […]

CorePhysio Will Bring History of Innovation to Downtown Expansion Project

As it enters its 15th year in business, local physical therapy company CorePhysio is making moves. The company is set to open a new flagship location in downtown Bellingham in 2020, offering ample parking, level building access, increased appointment availability, a much larger open-floor exercise space, and a variety of treatment rooms, including a pod of dedicated […]

Resisting NASCAR Healthcare

When Elizabeth Hampton, owner of Fairhaven’s CorePhysio, joined the physical therapy industry 31 years ago, things were different. “We had the freedom to customize the amount of time we spent with each client depending on the complexity of their needs,” she explains. “There were few insurance hoops to jump through.” Now, insurance-funded healthcare is driving care […]

When Concussion Hits Close To Home

We are proud to welcome a guest blogger, who chose to share a personal, family experience. On April 27th, 2014 our family experienced a life-changing event involving our 7-year old son, “David”.  A possible concussion was mentioned at the hospital but was never addressed again due to visible injuries. His concussion, although initially invisible, has […]

Athleticism in Artistry: Dance

The category of dance is broad. Taking a general perceptive, dancers each have strength, precision, flexibility, and musicality with special requirements for individual dance styles. For example, ballet dancers require increased flexibility, break dancers need extra upper body strength, modern dancers benefit from remarkable isolation of muscles and precision, and ballroom dancers bring the music […]

Athleticism in Artistry

performing artists are performance athletes Dedication. Practice. Technique. Precision. Commitment. These words describe a small sampling of qualities it takes to be an athlete. Athletes can be any age, any skill level. The athletic population is dedicated to their activity. They practice to perfect their technique; spending countless hours working on a single movement pattern […]

Client Choices In Healthcare

select your privacy, cost and experience With how much we all pay for insurance, today’s consumers want maximum value from their healthcare dollars. According to eHealth, America’s largest online provider of health insurance, premiums took a significant leap in 2017 and are expected to continue to rise with some estimates as high as 50% in […]

Pain Neuroscience: Bellingham Journal Club

Pain Neuroscience presented by Meg Flaig PT, DPT of CorePhysio We are fortunate to have the wonderful Meghen Flaig, PT, DPT present on the topic of Pain Neuroscience. She has the training, skill as well as a passion for this important concept, as well as an innovative way to share the impact of this approach […]