Pain Neuroscience: Bellingham Journal Club

Pain Neuroscience presented by Meg Flaig PT, DPT of CorePhysio

We are fortunate to have the wonderful Meghen Flaig, PT, DPT present on the topic of Pain Neuroscience. She has the training, skill as well as a passion for this important concept, as well as an innovative way to share the impact of this approach both from a clinical as well as a client perspective. 

This will be an exceptional discussion with ideas that will impact your practice as well as the way you communicate with your clients.

Bellingham Journal Pub Club is a multidisciplinary journal club promoting evidence in practice. Although all presenters thus far have been PT’s, it is for the sole reason that other disciplines have not offered to present….yet. Whether physician or PT, acupuncturist or naturopath, PA or occupational therapist, ARNP, or psychologist, we believe that a multidisciplinary approach to healing and learning is essential. This group operates on Sackett’s definition of evidence-based practice, which is “the integration of best research evidence with clinical experience and client values.” We welcome the challenge to objectively assess clinical research to ensure a clear understanding of the data. We also have successfully paired presentations with an analysis of current data along with ideas that create traction and dialogue in our practices. We have had dynamic and respectful discussions each time with this wonderful group! If you are interested in presenting this year, please submit your ideas by email at ehampton at or acollins at (links broken to avoid SPAM/phishing. Thanks for understanding!)

Two Links for pre-reading:

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