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We’re on a journey. 

Listening, learning, and growing – our commitment to individualized and inclusive care starts here. 

Corephysio strives to give both employees and clients a voice to help provide and receive high-quality care.

We are invested in creating a safe and respectful work environment and treatment experience for people across all dimensions of diversity including race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, and ability. 

Come as you are. You are welcome.

Core Performance

Faster, Stronger, Better: Unleash your awesomeness

You have recovered and are ready to unleash your awesomeness. Whether you want to cylce Galbraith, ski Baker, run Padden, walk the farmer’s market or grow an acre of kale, you want to push yourself as hard as you can without risking re-injury.

Core healing

We’ll move you forward without setting you back

You feel like you are stuck in rush hour traffic, wanting to move forward while your body needs time for that to happen. Your injury or your surgery needs to be protected to heal, and also challenged at a safe level so you can get stronger. 

Core confidence

Let’s build your power & get you back in the game

You’re afraid to rush the healing but tired of waiting for something to happen. You’re stuck in a cycle of ‘flare, recover, repeat’. These simmering symptoms just won’t go away. You’ve come a long way and you’re still not where you want to be.


All services can be either in person or telehealth

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