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We want you to be successful and meet your goals in physical therapy! Are you ready to be all in?

100% attendance yields great results. We ask your commitment to review, reschedule if needed, and attend 100% of your scheduled appointments. The most expensive thing about health care is having a talented team waiting in a well-equipped, lovely space for a client who doesn’t show up. We love our jobs, love treating clients, and want very much to help you meet your goals!

  • Rescheduling appointments: We are happy to reschedule any appointments with notice provided by noon the day prior to the appointment.
  • Cancellations: Any appointment not canceled or rescheduled by noon the day before will incur a $50 fee. If calling or texting to cancel outside of business hours, please leave a message; the time stamp will confirm when you reached out.
  • Missed appointments: Because each missed appointment is a missed step in your wellness journey, we recommend getting into the habit of confirming your next appointment upon each check-in so you can reschedule in advance to a time that is convenient for you. Missed appointments will incur a $50 fee.
    • If you miss two appointments in a row without communicating with us, your future appointments may be canceled and need to be rescheduled once we hear from you.


  • What if it’s an emergency? We are kind, discerning people. You can call us anytime, including after business hours; just leave a message stating your name, appointment date and time, and reason for canceling.
  • What if I would love to show up for my appointment, but can’t make it in due to snow/car troubles/childcare/inability to pass Covid prescreening, etc.?   We offer telehealth appointments just for situations like this! Give us a call as soon as you know you can’t physically attend your appointment, and we’ll switch you over to a telehealth visit so your care continues without a hitch.
  •  What if my job or other personal circumstances makes attending pre-scheduled appointments difficult? We got you! Let us know when you call to start care and we can offer same-day appointments that put you in the driver’s seat: call us on the morning of a day that works well for you, and if there are any openings with your clinician, it can be reserved for you.

If you are a client with questions about your account, please call our Billing Department at (360) 752-2673.



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We are committed to helping you recover and restore health. For more information about our physical therapy services please contact us at 360-752-2673.


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