Six Weeks to Shoulder Strength

This 6-week program is exciting, affordable, and accessible to build shoulder and scapular strength and control.

Start your shoulder rehab, or use the class structure to continue your general upper body strengthening program in a fun environment.

The purpose of this course stems further than strengthening the shoulder complex muscles: the shoulder is the conduit through which force moves between our torso and arms, and as such, it is constantly tested during our daily activities.

Over six weeks, we will improve the mechanics of your shoulder and upper body through safe, meaningful, and functional exercise. We will leave you with the skills necessary to strengthen your upper body and understand the movement patterns that keep you safe and injury-free.

This class is ideal if you seek more strength, control, and range of motion in your shoulders. If your shoulders are mobile and pain-free, this is the perfect route to ensure your shoulders and arms stay happy and healthy!

  • Dates: Tuesdays at 6:00 – 7:00 pm, October 11th – November 15th
  • Cost: $125 for all 6 weeks
  • Location: 1825 Grant St Ste 100, Bellingham, WA 98225 (our beautiful new location!)
  • Class Instructor: Luke Galloway, ACE-CPT, CSCS, PN1

You will enjoy the small (6-12 people) class size and attention to your needs. We are adaptive in our progressions & modifications for all of the exercises in this class, and we will be able to accommodate a range of mobility and strength needs.

Secure your spot by clicking here to register before the course fills up.
Minimum requirements for the class:
• Pain-free weight-bearing in both hands and knees, as well as with your hands on a knee-height table
• Flexion active range of motion to 120 degrees
• No acute joint inflammation that would be exacerbated by physical activity

• Absence of unstable cardiovascular function requiring medication for relief

Pre-Participation Checklist:
Before the onset of the class, each individual will be emailed a pre-participation packet to complete by the first day of the class. The medical release form is strongly recommended for individuals not currently enrolled in a course of care at CorePhysio.


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