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Traditionally, many people consider physical therapy to be a medical practice utilized after an injury, and in a one-on-one setting. But it doesn’t always have to be that way, and CorePhysio’s series of online and in-person classes are proof that group approaches can result in a healthier community.

The longtime Bellingham-based orthopedic manual and physical therapy business offers a recurring series of affordable, well-curated courses focused on common physical challenges. All are taught by knowledgeable and friendly personal trainers or physical therapists, all of whom have advanced training.

CorePhysio makes access to high quality, research-based prehab or consumer education easy and affordable. Photo courtesy CorePhysio

“Please don’t wait for an injury before you seek the help you need,” says Elizabeth Hampton DPT, CorePhysio CEO and clinic director. “We have three points of access to research-based care through our PT, personal training and online classes. Our one-to-one physical therapy is perfect for people who have customized needs relating to differential diagnosis and clinical care of balance, weakness, or pain. Our individual or small batch, focused group strength training is well-matched with healthy individuals with non-clinical needs ready to focus on mobility, balance and power. Lastly, we offer free or low cost online classes for those who want to be educated on specific topics and challenged at home.”

CorePhysio makes access to high quality, research-based prehab or consumer education easy and affordable. Prehab is defined as participation in therapy-based movements and exercises in order to avoid injury, decrease pain or to prepare for a surgery. Hampton points out that prevention-based prehab is a great way to strengthen areas of the body that frequently encounter pain or loss of strength and mobility, including knees, hips, shoulders and the core. Affordable, inspiring and packed with research-based challenges, this fall CorePhysio’s Personal Training division is offering specialized prehab classes to build strength, mental fortitude, and overall confidence in one’s physical ability.

“Overall, the people who took the class were amazed at how much their power improved, as did their pain-free range of motion,” says CorePhysio CEO and Clinic Director Elizabeth Hampton.Photo courtesy CorePhysio

The in-person classes are one-hour sessions and at least six weeks in duration. Starting on September 27th is “Rooted to Rise: building power and strength in the knees from the ground up,” which will focus on building leg and core power for prehab, winter sports, or daily life. In October, they’ll launch a separate course to build powerful shoulders.

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