CorePhysio’s Injury Screening Clinics Provide Affordable Answers for Active People

If you’re an active Pacific Northwesterner, you inevitably get aches, pains, and even strains from time to time. Maybe you’ve thought about seeing a physical therapist for what you’re feeling, but for various reasons haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Now, however, might be the perfect time, because Bellingham’s CorePhysio — a longtime local leader in orthopedic manual and physical therapy — is resuming their monthly injury screening clinics on the second Tuesday of each month starting March 9th, 2022.

The screenings take place in the new gym in CorePhysio’s Grant Street location in downtown Bellingham, and are a great opportunity to have a licensed doctor of physical therapy (DPT) assess musculoskeletal concerns, whether it’s a client’s back, knee, hip, ankle, or shoulder.

The preventative screenings are a great chance to gain understanding of a potential issue early on, what you or a physical therapist can do about it, and even if you should see your primary physician about it. Photo courtesy CorePhysio

Elizabeth Hampton, PT DPT and CorePhysio CEO and Clinic Director, says the idea for the screenings came from a longstanding partnership with Fairhaven Runners & Walkers, a local specialty footwear business that started injury prevention screenings in their store in the early 2000s.

Pre-Covid, Fairhaven Runner’s clinics were held in the back of their brick and mortar store location, and CorePhysio staffed the clinic once per month for nearly 14 years. Even as virus conditions gradually improve, Fairhaven Runners won’t be resuming their in-store screenings.

“Fairhaven Runners owners Steve and Genevie Roguski have shared their excitement to see us continue this important community access to quality PT,” Hampton says. “CorePhysio and Fairhaven Runners share a lot of the same values: we love to build and nourish a network of cool people and top-quality services. Serving our community, sharing quality educational resources for active people, and supporting an active lifestyle is important to us all.”

How It Works

During the injury screening, a CorePhysio DPT meets one-to-one with a client to first understand what goals a client wants to achieve. The physical therapist assesses their movements, from strength levels to sports-specific movement patterns, and performs evidence-based tests to understand the factors contributing to their symptoms.

The screenings are a terrific opportunity to gain understanding of a potential issue, what you or your physical therapist can do about it, and even if more serious medical intervention is needed.

To continue reading, head over to Whatcom Talk. To sign up for an injury screening, head to EventBrite.

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