Everything you never wanted to know about insurance*

(*But knew you should ask)

Why is it important for me to independently learn about my insurance coverage?
Learning about insurance coverage is less awkward but as unavoidable as squeezing into your first set of superhero tights: it’s critical to acquiring quality access and ensuring you have the appropriate coverage in place. Just as each superhero has unique abilities, each insurance plan is unique too. You, as the beneficiary, have the direct path to obtaining this knowledge.

Like Batman & Robin, a winning healthcare experience is a partnership. While we work to provide you with incredible therapeutic care (our superpower), we expect you to use your superpowers to keep current on your insurance benefits, notify us promptly of any changes to your coverage, and use this information to understand how your insurance plan relates to your care here at CorePhysio.

To help our community access care, we maintain insurance contracts, meaning we are in-network and preferred providers with most insurers. We are required to abide by those contracts in order to provide the community with skilled outpatient physical therapy.

Ultimately, however, your insurance company determines how your services are covered and how much you might owe.

How do I contact my insurance company?
Reaching out to your insurance company isn’t as simple as throwing up the Bat Signal, but each plan has its own hotline. Call the member number on your insurance card, just like calling for reinforcements. Many insurers also offer online accounts and apps to stay updated on your benefits.


Questions to ask your Insurance Company
Inquire to see what benefits are available to you for physical therapy. Your benefits should be listed in your plan documents, which will tell you about your deductible, your copay and/or co-insurance, the number of visits allowed under your plan, and whether your plan requires a referral and/or authorization.

Ask your insurance plan for—and review—your explanation of benefits (EOB) after each visit. This will show you how your benefits are being used.