Microbreaks: What they are & why you should take one to read this

Welcome to a March filled with Microbreak Madness!

Microbreaks are any brief activity that shifts you away from your current circumstances for several minutes at a time, and work best when the brief pause includes movement.

This month, we’re focusing on easy ways to incorporate microbreaks into your day. Read on for more information, and be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more info and tips!

Why should I make time for microbreaks?

Now that you know what microbreaks are, let’s consider the benefits. Microbreaks can boost your mood, mental capacity, and productivity. Give this article by the American Psychological Association a read for more in-depth scientific info and links to various studies about the benefits of microbreaks.

How can I remember to take microbreaks?

We’ve all been there; for instance, we keep saying one more task and I’ll take a break, only to discover hours have flown by. Fortunately, there are various apps available for download, such as Dejal or Workrave. An alarm on your watch or a pop-up reminder on your calendar for each hour or two also work well for microbreak reminders.

You’ve convinced me! Where do I start?

Here are some microbreak ideas you can try today:

  • Stand up and lift your arms overhead. Bend slightly to each side. Repeat.
  • Walk a few laps around your workspace or home.
  • Go up and down a staircase for a set amount of times at a brisk pace.
  • Do 10 pushups or squats on the hour, every hour.
  • Balance on one leg for as long as you can; switch legs.
  • Refill your coffee or water bottle down the hall or further. Bonus points if you’re able to do this with a friend or colleague and get in a little conversation as well.

Ready to jump in and looking for more microbreak ideas? Join us for our fun 31-day challenge! Download the  CorePhysio Microbreak Madness calendar and cross off each day as you try out a new way to Microbreak. Bring your completed calendar into the office to receive a free CorePhysio water bottle sticker, or just bask in your newfound healthy habits. 

Microbreaks mastered: what’s next?

If you’ve already mastered the microbreak, or you love stretching and want to extend your exercises beyond a microbreak, be sure to check out CoreYoga: an online yoga course designed by CorePhysio physical therapist Angela Hilyar. Each class begins with an intention and breathing exercise, progresses to vinyasa-style flows, and ends with a guided meditation and weekly suggestion for exploration or self-care.

Whether you’re a seasoned and self-directed microbreak pro, or you just finished your first successful microbreak by reading this post, the beautiful thing about microbreaks is it only takes a minute to start enjoying the benefits. 

Cheers to a month of focus on microbreaks and movement!


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