Real Time Ultrasound

Real Time Ultrasound (RTUS) is the gold standard in core research and rehabilitation.

CorePhysio is the only physical therapy clinic in Whatcom County with RTUS capability. We are able to incorporate the technology into our rehabilitation both for assessment as well as neuromuscular re-education. We also offer RTUS inner core assessments as a first step for clients who are starting a core retraining and strengthening program.

How is Real-Time Ultrasound helpful for rehabilitation or wellness?

RTUS is a technology used by physical therapists in research and clinical environments to assess if muscles are contracting effectively and for the client to actually see their muscles contract during static and dynamic activities. Research has established that the muscles of the pelvic floor, transverse abdominis (TA) and deep fibers of the Multifidus (dMF) are key muscles for continence, spine stability, pain prevention and daily function. Since there are other muscles that lie over the dMF and TA, simply touching or looking at the spine or abdomen cannot confirm proper contraction of these key muscles. RTUS enables the client and clinician assurance that the muscles are contracting effectively at rest and during dynamic activities. [image courtesy of DianeLee.CA who is an international physiotherapy researcher and expert on RTUS & CORE rehab.]

How does PT and RTU help before or after a tummy tuck?

A tummy tuck, or abdominioplasty, is the surgical removal of extra skin and fat on the abdomen. Before the surgery, the abdominal muscles can be weak. PREhab, or rehab before surgery, can teach you how to contract the core muscles and breathe during functional activitites. The surgery can impact the ability to correctly contract the abdominal muscles requiring real time ultrasound and physical therapy rehab to recover the function and power of the core. 

What is diastasis recti and how can RTU help?

Diastasis Recti Abdominus (DRA) occurs when there is injury to the fascia that seperates the right and left rectus abdominis muscle in the abdomen. DRA can occur due to abdominal weakness, abdominal bulging and most commonly in pregnant and post-partum moms. Real Time Ultrasound enables your CorePhysio PT to measure the seperation and ensure that you are performing the right exercises the right way to facilitate healing. For post-partum moms who are feeling healthy and are ready to rebuild their core strength, we recommend an RTUS inner core assessment followed by a targeted core retraining program, two steps of our Core Confidence program.

RTUS for movement practitioners and bodyworkers?

Movement practitioners as well as bodyworkers from disciplines such as pilates, yoga, gyrotonics, structural medicine and massage have found RTUS to be critical in confirming effective recruitment and timing of key musculature for themselves and their clients. RTUS visualizes effective and appropriate core muscle activation as well as training of palpation and observation skills that integrate beautifully back into their daily practice.

When would my therapist use RTUS?

The ability of the muscles to contract is just as important as the timing of the muscle contractions compared to the larger, global muscles of the body. Your CorePhysio PT can use the technology of RTUS as part of our comprehensive evaluation and treatment program to assess muscle function as well as to teach our clients what cueing and body positions facilitate the contractions of these muscles. Research from the University of Queensland in Australia has shown that as few as 10 rehearsed proper contractions of key core muscles have a continued post-training effect to improve function and muscle memory.

How should I prepare for RTUS?

If your therapist plans to use the RTUS for your pelvic floor muscles, you should drink up to 16 ounces of water one hour before your appointment to enable optimal visualization of muscle function.

Can you safely and effectively contract your abdominal muscles? 

What you find out might surprise you! Call to schedule an assessment with a CorePhysio specialist – $75 for 40 minutes. Contact us via the form below and we’ll be in touch!

Our staff will help to determine if an RTUS inner core assessment might be appropriate for you in gaining a better understanding of your body. We recommend an RTUS assessment to anyone who is healthy and ready to begin a post-partum exercise program. If you are experiencing pain or any concerning symptoms we will instead match you up with a therapist for a full evaluation. 

CorePhysio has decades of experience with sensitive health topics. Our Core Confidence Program is designed to give you answers, teach healing through proper movement, and help you rebuild structural integrity where it matters most—your core.


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